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Run A Report »

Step 1: Log in to
  • Go to
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click the Login button
Step 2: Navigate to reports page
  • From the My Manheim menu, click on the Reporting link
Step 3: Access report category
  • Select the category of report you want to run
  • Within each report type, reports are separated into categories
Step 4: Select report
  • From the list of reports shown, select the report you want to run
Step 5: Select report options
  • Options vary based on which report is selected
  • All items are required, unless otherwise noted as optional
  • The more options entered, the quicker the report will run
  • Click Run Report
Step 6: Report displays
  • Report displays
Step 7: Sort/filter option
  • Once report displays, columns can be sorted, filtered, hidden, and formatted - similar to the way they are in Excel
  • A. The spreadsheet icon enables the ability to format, hide or show columns
  • B. The up arrow sorts ascending
  • C. The down arrow sorts descending
Step 8: Make edits/changes
  • Options vary based on which report is selected
Step 9: Export reports
  • Export Options - select a format to export your report
  • PDF formats are opened in Adobe Acrobat and cannot be modified
  • CSV formats can be used for importing into other software
  • XLS formats open into Excel and columns can be removed, added, sorted and filtered
Step 10: Export reports
  • A. Report will appear in downloads folder
  • B. Final report displays