How to Guides

Pay Online »

Step 1: Log in to
  • Go to
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click the Login button
Step 2: Go to Payments
  • From the My Manheim menu, click on Payments link
Step 3: Go to Charges Under Account Overview
  • Select the client under Payable To Manheim by
Step 4: Filter and Search Invoices
  • Filter by:
  • Floorplan Eligibility
  • Title Status
  • Auction
  • Vehicle Information
  • Representative
  • Search by:
  • VIN
  • Work Order
  • Invoice
  • Lane-Run
Step 5: Select Invoices
  • Multiple invoices can be selected
  • You may need to deselect an invoice based on the payment amount. For example, the buyer may pay for the vehicle separate from the PSI fee
Step 6: Pay Selected Invoice(s)
  • Click the Pay Selected button to start the process of paying the selected invoice(s)
Step 7: Verify Charges
  • Verify that you have selected the correct invoices
  • Click the Continue button
  • NOTE: You may uncheck invoice/charges here prior to selecting payment method and payment amount will be adjusted
Step 8: Select Payment Method
  • Select the specific method of payment from the available bank account or floorplan
  • From ACH dropdown:
    Select single bank account or From Floor Plan (FP) dropdown;
    Select single FP account such as NextGear
  • Confirm selected charges and payment method
  • NOTE: If the bank account is not available, you cannot proceed until it is updated in AuctionACCESS Cash, Check, or Money Order payments must be processed by an auction employee
Step 10: Submit Payment
  • Click on Submit payment button
  • NOTES:
    • Once you have submitted payment, you will receive a confirmation of the invoices paid, charges and payment type.
    • If All is selected, the documents will be combined into a PDF.
    • If there is a failure with the payment, a failure summary displays at the end of the PDF.