How to Guides

Order Services »

Step 1: Log in to
  • Go to
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click the Login button.
Step 2: Go to Post-Sale Management
  • From the My Manheim menu, click on the Post-Sale Management link.
Step 3: From View Purchases
  • Click on the Purchase tab.
  • Click Purchases tab, you can order services for single, or multiple vehicles all at once.
Step 4: Order Purchase Protection
  • Select single or multiple vehicles and click bulk actions "Order Purchase Protection".
Step 5: Select Type

Choose from the options listed based on eligibility. Click to review:
  • – 7 Day (PSI)
  • – 14 Day (PSI)
  • – Limited Powertrain (LPI)
  • – Frame Check
Step 6: Submit order
  • Click Place Order to order a Purchase Protection.
Step 7: Order Transportation
  • Scroll down to Availability to select Transportation Order to:
    • -Get a quote from Ready Logistics.
    • -Go to Central Dispatch to work directlywith transporters.
  • From the Purchase tab you can order transportation for a single vehicle.
  • Click on the Order Transportation button.
  • Select if you want a quote from Ready Logistics or go to Central Dispatch to post your listing.