How to Guides

Order Services »

Step 1: Log in to
  • Go to
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click the Login button
Step 2: Go to purchases
  • From the My Manheim menu, click on the Purchase link
Step 3: View eligible vehicles
  • Scroll down to the Order section of the page to see how many vehicles are eligible for post-sale service orders
  • Click PSI to view all eligible vehicles
Step 4: Select type
  • Choose from:
    • 7 Day (PSI)
    • 14 Day (PSI)
    • Limited Powertrain (LPI)
    • Frame Check
Step 5: Select vehicle(s)
  • Choose Select All to order a PSI for all eligible vehicles at once, or
  • Check individual boxes to choose specific vehicles
Step 6: Submit order
  • Click Submit to order a PSI
Step 7: Confirm order
  • View confirmation message at the top of the page